Unplug. Seems kind of like a foreign concept these days because we never do. We are constantly surrounded by technology, whether it’s scrolling through Instagram or even just listening to music. These days, stepping away from tech for even 15 minutes is just unheard of and this is detrimental to a person’s mental health. Constantly,... Continue Reading →

My Definition

One would think that a definition is definitive, but really it isn’t. Merriam Webster has a definition for happiness, but everyone seems to have a different idea of what happy means. Similarly, there is a seemingly universal definition for mental health. Merriam Webster defines mental health as: the condition of being sound mentally and emotionally... Continue Reading →

I Can Help

Mental health is an extremely controversial topic and I strongly believe it should not be. I know there are so many different opinions and viewpoints out there when it comes in relation to mental health, but I’m here to offer an unedited and different perspective. As a girl in the digital age, where all we... Continue Reading →

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