EAT. And don’ t stop

Dieting has been a craze for who knows how long, but in reality, it doesn’t bring results and is actually super unhealthy. You should never sacrifice eating simply for the sake of looking better; the only reason you should not indulge in say chocolate is FOR YOURSELF AND FOR YOUR HEALTH. Yeah, don’t eat a... Continue Reading →

Eating on the Go

Ahhhhh… vacation is absolute bliss, up until the moment you realize that you have been piling heaps of junk food into your body and then you have a slight panic attack. But, really stop worrying. First of all, a week of bad eating isn’t going to hurt and you’ve probably earned it. And secondly, there... Continue Reading →

Trail Mix: the Holy Grail

I am sorry to all those people out there allergic to tree nuts because they are missing a seriously delicious source of protein. But it’s not just those people missing out. A lot of my non-allergic friends don’t like to eat nuts because they don’t think they taste good and honestly, I can relate. Up... Continue Reading →

Here’s What It’s All About

Being a high schooler is hard, but being a healthy high schooler? It is a real struggle. Schools are always advocating balanced eating and blah blah blah, but there is literally nothing healthy to eat in school. Vending machines are stocked high with Doritos, Cheetos, and fruit snacks while the snack bar has an array... Continue Reading →

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