EAT. And don’ t stop

Dieting has been a craze for who knows how long, but in reality, it doesn’t bring results and is actually super unhealthy. You should never sacrifice eating simply for the sake of looking better; the only reason you should not indulge in say chocolate is FOR YOURSELF AND FOR YOUR HEALTH. Yeah, don’t eat a bunch of sugar everyday and junk food because that is super unhealthy, but don’t stop eating them at all. Balance is key. Some days you drink 5 bottles of water and go to the gym, and other days you need to lay in bed and snack. That is the definition of balance.

But seriously, here is how to keep eating what you want when you want: it is as simple as make sure your next meal or snack is healthy. For example, you eat some chips as a snack, make sure your dinner is nutritious with vegetables or protein, etc. Now, I am not saying that you should eat a bag of potato chips and desert everyday because no matter how much healthy food you eat, all the sugar in those foods will win over, but have a couple days a week where you can have some fun with your food.

Have a cookie or that slice of cake or whatever you want to, just don’t binge. As long as you are being consistently healthy with your eating and exercising, it will not matter. I’m telling you, it is not the amount of calories you eat, but the KIND of calories you eat. Don’t count the calories and just indulge because let’s be honest, the next day you have motivation to work out. EAT. Food is great and amazing and it will always make you feel better, so don’t stop. Remember, balance is key!

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