Current Workout Routine

I thought I would tell you guys my general workout routine so maybe you could get some ideas on what to do or just if you were curious. I generally spilt my days into either cardio or target, which means targeted muscle groups such as abs, glutes, or arms. Normally, I dedicate an entire day to cardio and then target groups.

During the school year, I tend to do a lot more cardio because it is faster, but I try to alternate each day to both give specific parts of my body a rest and to make sure none of my muscles become used to the exercise (which is when exercises stop becoming effective).

Depending on how much time I have, on cardio days, I either set a time goal or a mile goal. On days I have more time, which is usually on the weekend, I set a goal of 45 minutes, where I push myself to run or jog the entire time. During this time, I’m not really focusing on how many calories I’m burning, but rather building my endurance because that is actually more important for my long-term cardiovascular health. But, those long 45 minute runs are rare because normally, I’m struggling to squeeze in a 20 minute workout which is usually when I set a mile goal. Depending on how much homework I have that day, I start from 1 mile and go up till 3 miles, but it rarely ever crosses that when I’m exercising under a time crunch.

My target group exercises tend to be 10 minutes per group just because I find that in that time, I can get a very effective workout done while still keeping the period fairly short. These exercises are not focused on calorie burn like running, but on toning specific areas of my body, so they tend to be much harder, and I find 10 minutes of continuous, focused exercise is more than enough to leave me sore the next day. On a day to day basis, I do 2 target groups together, making sure that I don’t do the same combination more than twice a week, because at that point, my muscles become sort of used to the workout. I will write separate blog posts that go into detail about what types of exercises I do for each target group.

Honestly, my workout routine is just about fitting in what I can when I can, so I don’t have a set routine of what I’m doing on which day, but I try to get at least one day of each type of exercise every week.

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