Unplug. Seems kind of like a foreign concept these days because we never do. We are constantly surrounded by technology, whether it’s scrolling through Instagram or even just listening to music. These days, stepping away from tech for even 15 minutes is just unheard of and this is detrimental to a person’s mental health. Constantly, we are looking at ads or album covers or posts and subconsciously comparing ourselves with who we are seeing.

If you think about it, this means that practically every second of the day, somewhere in our subconscious, we are putting ourselves down and finding some sort of imperfection. How incredibly unhealthy is that?! That is precisely why we need a digital detox everyday; we need some part of our days where we are just content with who we are and aren’t being presented with images that somehow suggest that we aren’t amazing the way we are.

Find 30 consecutive minutes a day where you are completely away from any sort of device, whether it’s a smartwatch or a laptop. Take a long shower or read a physical book (not on a kindle) or go outside and kick a ball around. Just find something that will take you away from the digital world and into the physical world, where unrealistic standards are being shoved in your face and making you feel inferior. Smile, enjoy yourself in the moment and KNOW YOUR WORTH. Unplug. Everyday. It will do wonders to how you feel 🙂


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