Skincare on the Go

It’s the last edition of my “on the go” series for this year… I’m kind of sad because that means summer is ending. Never mind though. Vacation is equally good for my skin as it is bad. On one side, all my acne magically disappears, but then I suddenly become extremely greasy and oily. So, it’s definitely not an option for me to travel without my skincare essentials.

If you read my previous beauty post, you know all about MINIS and how amazing they are for makeup travel. Well, they are also the best for skincare travel. Bottles are heavy and no one uses that much for a vacation. Let’s be real, most of us forget to even do our normal skincare routine when on vacay so there is no reason to be taking up a bunch of space and weight with full size things. For example, I take the mini bottle of the Mario Badescu Rose Water spray, which is one of my skin care must haves, instead of the full size one and it lasts me up to 2 weeks. When you’re packing, look at what you really need to keep your skin looking good and then try to track down smaller versions of that product.

My number one thing hack  for skincare when traveling is to stock up on sheet masks. Tubs of clay masks are large and heavy, so it’s just not practical to pack more than one. But, with sheet masks or those clay masks that come in packets, you can easily pack lots without worrying about space or weight. You can literally pile them into one Ziploc bag and stuff them in some corner of your bag! They are super compact and come in many different types, making them ideal for traveling! Some of my favorites are the ones from Sephora, especially the rose, but for a cheaper alternative, the Garnier ones are incredible too. If you’re looking for clay masks in packets, Target has a bunch of $2 ones that come in so many different types and they work pretty well too.

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