Eating on the Go

Ahhhhh… vacation is absolute bliss, up until the moment you realize that you have been piling heaps of junk food into your body and then you have a slight panic attack. But, really stop worrying. First of all, a week of bad eating isn’t going to hurt and you’ve probably earned it. And secondly, there are ways to keep eating well while on vacation.

Now don’t get me wrong, I go all out on vacation, not really paying attention to how much whipped cream I’ve put on top of my pancakes or what number dessert I’m on because I know I deserve it. I have earned those few weeks during the year where I am not ignoring my CONSTANT cravings for chocolate. BUT, this doesn’t mean I still don’t watch what I’m eating. Let me explain because it probably seems like I’ve just contradicted myself.

You’re meant to enjoy yourself on vacation, so you should do just that. Eat whatever you want but make sure that you continue to get the necessary nutrients you need and usually eat. For example, go and devour that gigantic stack of pancakes, but on the side get a bowl of fruit. Eat a giant bowl of pasta with a side of salad. Basically, balance yourself. Make sure that while you are eating your way through Paris or Rome or wherever, you are still getting just a little bit of healthy with each of your meals. It’s really not hard at all to just order a small side of greens or fruit and this way, you can eat whatever on vacation without any guilt and still keep your body happy 🙂

Another thing I would recommend when on vacay is to not snack: most of the time, all the meals I eat when I’m not at home tend to be on the bigger side because let’s get real, restaurant portions are HUGE. So, if you want to keep some sort of normality for your body in regards to how much food you’re eating, I suggest to cut down on snacking as much as possible and just waiting for the major meals.

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  1. aha totally agree. I think that vacations are supposed to be a time where you can eat more freely but you’re right that it’s still good to keep everything in moderation. 🙂


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