Makeup on the Go

Makeup is a must for any vacation because how else are you supposed to get those bomb pictures? But, makeup is heavy. And takes up a lot of room. But, fear not! I have the easy and fairly obvious solution…

MINIS. MINIS. MINIS. Should I say it again? MINIS. They are the key to packing an effective travel makeup bag. With all the liquid and weight limits, just don’t bother packing full size items for a week long vacation.

Basically with minis, you can pack the same amount of products in a smaller bag, leaving space for more clothes and shoes… yayyy! The best part is that EVERYTHING comes in a mini-size, even eyeshadow palettes.There are practically only two things that you would need full size: foundation and concealer. Everything else can easily last up to a few weeks in the mini size. Plus, minis are soooo cute… there’s no reason to not buy them.

Also, don’t bring large palettes for anything: not highlight, blush, contour, etc. Bring singles instead because honestly, only you are going to notice between the color of a mauve blush versus a peach blush. Normally, I would fully support being obsessive about the slight difference of undertones in makeup, but when packing, maximization is key. So, maximize your space, and just pack a single instead of an entire palette. You will not die because you go a week without you Anastasia Glow Kit or whatever. I hope this helped!

If you have any other tips for makeup when traveling, comment them down below!

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