Trail Mix: the Holy Grail

I am sorry to all those people out there allergic to tree nuts because they are missing a seriously delicious source of protein. But it’s not just those people missing out. A lot of my non-allergic friends don’t like to eat nuts because they don’t think they taste good and honestly, I can relate. Up until a year ago, my mom had to force me to even at as little as 5 almonds a day, but then I found the holy grail way to incorporate nuts into my everyday diet: trail mix. One day, my dad came home with a crazy big box of trail mix from Costco – and if you have every been to Costco, you can imagine just how big that box was- thinking I asked for it (which I didn’t), but we had to finish it and there started my habit. Trail mix is a great way to get into a habit of eating nuts because there aren’t just nuts. The best part of trail mix is the chocolate and the trail mix I eat has M&Ms, which are my favorite candy, giving me an initiative to actually eat the stuff. My number one tip is to find a trail mix that has other things that you actually like OR make your own. Take 3 or 4 different types of nuts, and mix in things like raisins or a little bit of candy to make it something you would like to eat. It was hard at first for me, but I eventually began to actually like eating the nuts and it became a very good habit. Nuts are packed with protein and have been proven to do things such as low cholesterol, and not only that, my skin became better after I started to regularly eat nuts. Right now, it is travel season and it is notoriously hard to remain eating healthy, but trail mix can most importantly make it past pesky TSA,  it is really easy to travel with and even make in any country! Nuts are vital to a healthy diet and yeah, they’re not the most fun to eat, but trail mix is an easy and yummy remedy to that.

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  1. haha love your post on this, I 100% agree on the love for trail mix. I saw you on instagram and thought I would check out your blog! Love your content! ❤️


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