Exercising on the Go

It is the best time of the year: summer vacation! No school, more fun. Everyone is traveling now and with travel comes lots an lots of food, and with that food comes some inevitable weight gain… unless you keep working out. Now I’m not saying that taking a break from exercising is a bad thing, in fact it’s actually recommended. But if you’re putting twice as much food in your body than it’s used to, there are gonna be some repercussions.

The good news is that there is one form of exercise that is the easiest to do anywhere, but it’s usually the most hated form: cardio and more specifically running. To do other, more focused forms of exercise, equipment tends to be required and if you’re flying or traveling with a limited baggage allowance, exercise equipment is generally the last thing to be considered. However, running can literally be done anywhere. I mean if you really wanted to, you could run laps around your house instead of running laps on a track or on a treadmill. Running is the easiest way to get some quick exercise into your day when traveling because you never have to go far: you have to step out your door and just start running down the sidewalk. A mere 10 minute run is effective enough to keep your muscles warmed up and in shape until you get back to your regular routine! Plus, cardio burns the most calories fastest and that’s always a good thing if you’re planning to eat your third plate of pasta of the day (and yes I’ve definitely done that). Yeah, running is hard and sometimes more painful than other forms of exercise, but when you’re options are limited, it really is the best way to stay in shape.

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