What’s Popping!

Ever since I was little, I have been OBSESSED with dressing up, whether it be playing with my mom’s lipsticks or painting my nails with those little fake nail polishes from Disney. Now, at 15, I am a person who definitely cares about her appearance, and so I have a few things to say.  Beauty is subjective and such a large umbrella term, but on this blog I am going to be talking about 4 beauty related things: skin, makeup, hair and nails.

One thing I am certainly not going to miss once I am officially out of these teenage years is the acne. Gosh, the acne is just so annoying. Like more than making me uglier, it’s simply so inconvenient. But luckily, I have managed to develop a very rigourous skin care routine composed of multiple different face masks and washes that don’t cost a fortune. Plus, my skin has changed so much over the years that I definitely have a few tricks on how to keep up with it.

Moving on from acne, there is makeup. Oh, how I love makeup and its magical abilities of making me look alive. I’m not one of those people who wakes up early in the morning to put loads of makeup on before school, but that’s more of me choosing between sleep and looking presentable, and most of the time, sleep wins. Obviously. But, that doesn’t stop me from watching endless tutorials, reading countless blogs, and spending way too many hours playing with makeup. To be honest, I can spout out more statistics and information about different types of makeup and makeup brands than I can about the Industrial Revolution or how sine and cosine graphs relate. Oops?

And the one thing I probably love more than makeup are my nails. Yeah, it’s a little weird, but since 6th grade, I have done my nails religiously. They are almost never not painted, and so I have had to learn how to keep my nails really healthy even with all the chemicals I constantly expose them to. Plus, my mom almost never paints my nails for me, so I have a crazy amount of tricks for doing nails on oneself, even with cute designs. Doesn’t sound possible, but trust me, all it takes is a little practice and a measly 15 minutes.

Lastly, hair. My hair is wavy/curly, and depending on its mood, crazy frizzy, but despite all its flaws, I can manage to make it look semi-presentable with an array of oils and seemingly complicated hairstyles that I somehow pull off in under 2 minutes. Honestly, if there is anything school has taught me, it is how to get ready under 10 minutes. I’ve had quite a bit of years to learn some tips and tricks about beauty, and since I’m a mere high schooler, you can trust that they are applicable for young people too!


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