I Can Help

Mental health is an extremely controversial topic and I strongly believe it should not be. I know there are so many different opinions and viewpoints out there when it comes in relation to mental health, but I’m here to offer an unedited and different perspective. As a girl in the digital age, where all we see are beautiful supermodels with flawlessly clear skin and perfect bodies, it is hard to feel good about oneself. It is hard to be confident and have a high self esteem where every post we scroll through provides us evidence seemingly proving otherwise. High school is harsh and cruel and no one feels perfect or like they fit in and it takes a toll on mental health. Mental health is not fake, it is not a weakness, it is a fact. I’ve had my fair share of bad days or weeks, but I got through them. I learned how to get through them, and I want to be an advocate for mental health through this blog. I will share my stories and the ways I got through the periods of low self-confidence, or how to simply stay positive, or how to compartmentalize, or I will simply talk about mental health, not as a problem or something that should be hidden away, but rather something that can help make a person stronger. Being a teenager was hard enough as is, but with the addition of social media, teens all across the world are suffering in silence and without help, but I can help. I am going to share how life really is as a teenager and how to get through, maybe not unscathed, but get through it nonetheless.

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