Here’s What It’s All About

Being a high schooler is hard, but being a healthy high schooler? It is a real struggle. Schools are always advocating balanced eating and blah blah blah, but there is literally nothing healthy to eat in school. Vending machines are stocked high with Doritos, Cheetos, and fruit snacks while the snack bar has an array of cookies and carbonated drinks available for purchase. To make it even harder, us high schoolers these days have longer and busier schedules than most adults, filled with bunches of extracurriculars and the stress of school. So, it’s kinda hard to focus on being healthy when I have 2 different deadlines I’m working towards, that 150-point test is coming up and caffeine and sugar are the only things keeping me alive. Yeah, it’s hard, but I’ve found that it’s not completely impossible. There are easy ways to stay healthy that don’t require a lot of planning or thought. Trust me, once you get started, you can’t really go back and it becomes a habit. Plus, I’m here to help, and together we can be those thriving, healthy high school kids that everyone are jealous of. You can expect to find everything from easy recipes for healthy snacks to tips on how to keep eating what you like to how to not starve yourself and more. And one thing is for sure, this stuff is coming from a high schooler to other young adults out there, so you can trust that all this stuff is actually attainable for people our age.  

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