hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Before I was addicted to mystery, I was addicted to fantasy, especially dark fantasy. Overtime, I grew up and all the magic and dragons started to bore me. But, there is one thing I will forever be drawn to in any fantasy book; angels. The best dark fantasy books always, always have angels as a central character. I’ll be honest, the reason I picked this book up was because of the angel on the cover, hoping it lived up to my dark fantasy standards. And live up to them it did.

Patch, the main character, he is all kinds of dark angel sexiness and it makes you root for him right from the beginning. The relationship between him and Nora (the other main character), is so electric and unsure that it made me want to keep reading just to find out if they ever end up together. But, it’s not just the electricity of the characters that made me finish this book in one night, it was the plot itself. Fitzpatrick gave no hint what was going to happen until the second it happened, and she kept me guessing throughout the entire book. Trust me, that is not an easy accomplishment. I had always thought I had read all the different takes and stories spun on angels, but then I read this one. I’ll admit, it is not completely new, but it is definitely not predictable.

Now, onto the bad. There was nothing overwhelmingly bad about this book, but there were a few parts that got a bit boring. They seemed more like fillers rather than events that were adding to the plot. I also noticed that some of the descriptions of the characters throughout the book were repeated, and I don’t mean just a few words here or there, I mean complete sentences. It was most likely a coincidence and the fact that the author has a very specific writing style, but it was boring to read. However, other than those minor details, the book was well-written. This is the first book in a series and you best believe and I am getting the rest and reading them all within a few days. Me finishing a series, now that is a rare sight. I will post a full series review when I am done with all of them.

Until next time, let this following quote make you smile, “I think my guardian angel drinks… it’s quite possible I’m the reason he needs to.” 




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