Torture Devices

School has started and with that come the torture devices known as school supplies. We have to stuff all of them into our book bag and then our teachers expect as to be able to fish one specific thing out of a sea of miscellaneous things. The struggle is very, very real. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing this school thing for a while now, and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

The number one thing that must stay organized is your pencil pouch. Some people say your binder or your planner, but I emphasize that your pencil pouch is the one thing that must always stay organized. A pen or pencil is the one thing that you are always, always expected to have, and if you can’t fish one out in less than 30 seconds, you’re doing something wrong. The way I keep my pencil pouch organized is with rubber bands. Yes, you read that correctly; rubber bands. Using rubber bands, group together different things within your pencil pouch. For example, group all your pens and highlighters together, and tie a rubber band around them. Do the same for your pencils, markers, etc. It ensures that your pouch is not an overflowing mess, and it increases accessibility tenfold. So, when your teacher asks you to pull out a pencil, you don’t have to dig through your pencil pouch, you can look in, locate the group and pull out a pencil. Simple.

Now, the other thing that must stay organized at all times is your backpack. We have so many books, binders, folders, etc., in our backpacks that it becomes nearly impossible to locate something without taking everything out first. Now, I have always prided myself in being an organized person, and when I see my friends’ backpacks, it hurts my heart a little bit. There are papers strewn EVERYWHERE within the backpack itself, the binders and folders are sticking out in weird positions, their books are being squashed under the immense weight of everything else and so on. First of all, don’t be lazy and take an extra five seconds to actually put all your papers in the respective folders/binders. Trust me, those five seconds will save you twenty minutes in the near future. When putting stuff in your backpack, the first thing(s) that should be put in are your binder/folder(s) because they are usually the largest in width and length of all of your supplies. Next, if you have one, should be your laptop, or if you don’t, should be all of your textbooks or notebooks. I personally don’t have any textbooks in a hard copy, but I know that some people do. Depending on what you have to carry in your backpack, arrange it in that order. Personally, I like to arrange my notebooks in order from tallest to shortest. You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to, but notebooks are usually always shorter than binders and textbooks. Lastly comes your pencil pouch because it is usually the smallest out of everything. As you can tell, I organize my backpack from largest to smallest because I find it looks neater and it keeps my backpack from becoming lopsided. It may seem like a completely personal choice, but this way of organization works for me and for many of my friends.

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Until next time, let this following quote make you smile- “ you never know what you have until you clean your room.”

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