4 Steps To: Abs

Keeping your body healthy and in shape is extremely important, but sadly, change to your body doesn’t come overnight. It’s tedious, tiring, and gradual, but can be broken up into multiple parts to make it a little easier. This ‘ 4 Steps To’ series is going to be broken into 3 parts, and this is part 1.

For a beginner, I recommend 10 reps, meaning 10 repetitions of each move. As you build your stamina you can either increase the reps or you can increase the number of sets. Sets are how many times you do the amount of reps. I personally do 4 sets of 20 reps for each move, but it has taken a year to build the stamina to perform that many. Work at your own pace, and push your boundaries, but not so much that you injure yourself.

For each move, I will give a definition of how to perform it, but I will also attach a video tutorial from YouTube so you can see how to perform the move (I am not being paid to endorse any specific YouTuber; I will just attach whichever tutorial I feel explains the move best).

Leg Lifts:

Lay on you back and place your hands in a triangle right under your tailbone (this will take the stress off of your lower back). Lay your legs flat and slowly raise them until your body forms a right angle. Take your legs back down, but do not let them touch the ground. This is one rep.



Bicycle Kicks:

Lay on your back and raise your legs and hips into the air. Then, pedal the air as if you were pedaling a bicycle. One rep is when one right and left kick in the air.



Sit Ups:

Lay on your back with your arms crossed over your chest and bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground. Then, raise your torso into a sitting position without moving your legs and lower yourself back onto the ground. This is one rep.



Alternate Heel Touches:

Lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground and bend your knees, keeping them shoulder width apart. Take your right hand and reach until you touch your right heel (repeat this on the left side). This is one rep.


If you liked this, please leave a lovely comment. If you didn’t, say nothing.

Until next time, let this following quote make you smile – ” I love my six pack so much that I protect it with a layer of fat. “

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