Miss.Organized (That’s Me)

There are a lot of things I can’t do. For example, I can’t hit a ball or make a hoop to save my life. But, time management and organization are two things I excel in. My mom and I are the people in my family that keep everything running because my dad is one of those people who ends up being all over the place if there is not a schedule in place. Since I was just five years old, my parents have taught me to be extremely independent, and with that I built my time management and organization skills. I do not go into any day with some sort of schedule whether it be a school day or a weekend. It does not matter if that schedule says lay in bed all day or if it has a list of ten things I have to do in one hour. Some sort of schedule or rough planning is necessary to be efficient and productive on any given day. Procrastination is one thing that almost everyone in this world struggles with; there is a small percentage of people who have the capability to not procrastinate. I am lucky enough to be in that small percentage of people and with that capability, I am going to help you become one of those people. From small things you can do before you sleep, to different organizational tools you can buy, I am going to transform you into an even more efficient person than you even knew you could be.

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Until next time, let this following quote make you smile – ” organized people are just too lazy to look for things.” 

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